I have always constructed my work through the method of knowledge through direct experience. A quest that has often required me to be on site, where I can act as a witness for the things that have shown themselves to my eyes. Therefore I have often realised wandering projects, based precisely on direct experience of places and where often the landscape has been able to act as a substitute for relationships and emotions: space in place of (in the form of) human relationships.
Is there a way to translate feelings and moods into LANDSCAPE? And if so, what is it? The main thrust of my work has often been to go in search of this method, without ever bringing it to full fruition but continuing to search.
“The relationship between a space and the person occupying it defines the place itself and the experience others have of it as a private sphere.”

In Albula/Bianca, fascinated by the place-name Albulapass during my Engadin rambles, where albula reminded me of albume (and I was not mistaken, because it seems that in Latin as an adjective it actually means white), one day (or rather two) I tried to cross the pass on foot from La Punt to Filisur. The weather was perfect. The images appear like this, dressed only in the colours of light, the gaze moves inwards without being drawn to any particular object. It is in spaces of this kind that one strives to perceive the exchange between the world of reality and that of unreality.